Cross-site scripting

Injecting client-side scripts contain malicious content (e.g. steal cookies data) into web pages via:

  • Non-Persistent/Reflected: data provided by a web client (query params, form inputs) is used immediately by server-side scripts to parse and display a page of results for and to that user, without properly sanitizing the request.
  • Persistent/Stored: data provided by the attacker is saved by the server, and then permanently displayed on "normal" pages returned to other users in the course of regular browsing, without proper HTML escaping.
  • DOM-based: same as Non-Persistent type, but data is not sent to server. Rather, it is processed by JavaScript code in order to rendering it in the web page content.

Prevent attack

  • Validating untrusted input.
  • Encoding/escaping string output.
  • Cookie security: there are some flags to secure cookies
    • HttpOnly cookie cannot be accessed by client-side APIs, such as JavaScript.
    • secure cookie can only be transmitted over an encrypted connection (i.e. HTTPS).


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