ThreadPool in Clojure

Clojure supports flexible concurrency models for real world complexity:

  • STM: built-in support.
  • CSP: similar to Golang concurrency model, with help of core.async library.
  • Actor: using Pulsar library, similar to Erlang Actor & Akka in Scala.

Sometimes, we just want to run some simple tasks in parallel & control its level of parallelism. It could be done using the built-in Java executors:

(import '(java.util.concurrent Executors))

(defn process [i]
  (str "Thread " (.getName (Thread/currentThread)) " executing " i))

(defn execute [data]
  (let [pool (Executors/newFixedThreadPool 2)
        tasks (map (fn [v] #(process v)) data)]
    (doseq [future (.invokeAll pool tasks)]
      (println (.get future)))
    (.shutdown pool)))

(execute (range 100))

Using climate/claypoole library

(require '[com.climate.claypoole :as cp])

;; Use a temporary threadpool with 4 threads.
(cp/pmap 4 myfunction myinput)
;; Use a temporary threadpool with ncpus + 2 threads.
(cp/pmap (+ 2 (cp/ncpus)) myfunction myinput)


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