Agile developer starting point: skills, knowledge for CSD

Develop Everythings viết ngày 17/01/2018

Agile developer starting point: skills, knowledge for CSD
The course will be divided into 3iterations across 3 days’ time frame.

Day 1:

Day one planning
Agile Principles and values
Team Collaboration, Customer collaboration
Using source code management tools – GIT for collaboration
Pair programming
Understanding User stories
Managing Specification
Agile Architecture
Agile Design
Introduction to Refactoring
Why and when to refactor
Class room exercise on Refactoring
Design Patterns
SOLID Principles
Code smells
Code reviews process and tools
Code Kata (2 hours)
Day 1 review and retrospective

Day 2:

Day two planning
Understanding TDD, BDD and ATDD
What is cucumber?
Understanding Gherkin and examples
Principles of Acceptance test driven development (ATDD)
Principles of Behavior driven development (BDD)
Unit testing
Discussion on Test Driven Development
Discussion on Unit Test Framework
Discussion on Red, Green and Refactor concept
Code sample on TDD
ATDD & BDD code kata (2 hours)
Test double
Explore Stub
Explore Mock
Explore faking
ATDD & BDD tools and suggestions
Day 2 review and retrospective

Day 3:

Day 3 planning
Continuous integration
Continuous delivery
Build tools – Jenkins
Agile testing
Selenium web driver
Best agile practices and tools
Robot Framework
Using Fitness
Workshop on CI, CD (2 hours)
Class room assessment (45 minutes)
Day 3 review and retrospective

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