AWS SAP Notes 15 - Everything Else

Amazon Lex and Amazon Connect

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Amazon Lex

  • Provides text or voice conversational interfaces
  • Powers the Alexa service
  • Lex provides 2 main bits of functionality:
    • Automatic speech recognition (ASR) - speech to text
    • Natural Language Understanding (NLU) - intent
  • Lex allows us to build voice and text understanding into our applications
  • It scales well, integrates with other AWS services, it is quick to deploy and it has a pay as you go pricing model
  • Use cases:
    • Chatbots
    • Voice Assistants
    • Q&A Bots
    • Info/Enterprise Bots

Amazon Connect

  • It is a contact center as a service
  • Requires no infrastructure in on-premises
  • It is omnichannel: voice and chat, incoming and outgoing
  • Integrates with PSTN networks for traditional voice, allowing us to accept incoming calls and make outgoing calls using the traditional cellular phone networks
  • Agents can connect using the internet from anywhere
  • AWS Connect can integrate with other services such as Lambda/Lex for additional intelligence and features
  • It is quick to provision, provides a pay as you go pricing. It is scalable

AWS Rekognition

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  • Rekognition is a deep learning based image and video analysis product
  • It can identify objects, people, text, activities, content moderation, face detection, face analysis, face comparison, pathing and much more
  • The product is per as you use per image or per minute in case of video
  • Integrates with application and can be invoked event-driven
  • Can analyse live video streams integrating with Kinesis Video Streams

Kinesis Video Streams

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  • Allows us to ingest live video data from producers
  • Producers can be security cameras, smartphones, cars, drones, time-serialised audio, thermal, depth and RADAR data
  • Consumers can access the data frame-by-frame or as needed
  • Kinesis can persist and encrypt data in-transit and at rest
  • We can not access data directly via storage, only via APIs!
  • Data is not stored in its original format. Data is indexed and stored in a structured way
  • Kinesis Video Streams integrates with other AWS services such as Rekognition and Connect

AWS Glue

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  • Is a serverless ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) product
  • Similar to AWS Datapipeline (which can do ETL) but it uses servers (EMR clusters)
  • Glue is used to move data and transform data between source and destination
  • Glue also crawls data sources and generates the AWS Glue Data catalog
  • Supports a range of data collection as data sources: S3, RDS, JDBC compatible data sources and DynamoDB
  • Supports data streams as data sources such as Kinesis Data Streams and Apache Kafka
  • Data targets supported: S3, RDS, JDBC data sources

Data Catalog

  • Collection of persistent metadata about data sources in a region
  • Provides one uniq data catalog in every region per account
  • It helps avoid data silos: makes data not visible in an organization be visible a able to be browsed
  • Data Catalog can be used by Amazon Athena, Redshift Spectrum, EMR and AWS Lake Formation
  • Data is discovered by configuring crawlers and givin it credentials to access data sources

Glue Job

  • Extract, Transform an Load jobs
  • Jobs can do transformation by using scripts created by us
  • Jobs are serverless, AWS maintains a pool of resources
  • We are only billed by resources we consume

AWS Device Farm

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  • Device Farm is service which provides managed Web and Mobile application testing
  • We can test an application on a fleet of real browser and devices
  • Device Farm provides access to real devices: phones, tablets, different languages, sizes and operating systems
  • We can use build in or supported automated testing frameworks from which we can receive reports detailing testing output
  • It also supports remote connection to devices for issue reproduction and testing
  • We can define tests using testing tools such as Explorer (Android), Fuzz (Android, iOS), Web app Tests, Appium, Calabash
  • We can configure which devices we want to use for testing (huge selection is available). We can configure device state, additional apps, radio states, locations, etc.


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