32 Linux commands which we frequently use in a working day

Trung Huynh viết ngày 29/06/2015

  1. ls: Listing the file/directory.(ls -af or ls -l) and ll is also a good command. ll = ls -al.
  2. cd or (cd ~, cd -). Using to travel in the file system.
  3. mkdir (mkdir -p): Create an directory.
  4. touch: Create a empty file.
  5. cp -rf  Copy some file or directory
  6. rm -rf: Delete some file or director
  7. tar: Extract or compress files into a TAR file.
  8. tail -f or tail -n : Using to show "live" a file
  9. head -n: Show n lines of file, from top to bottom
  10. echo: Print a variable
  11. grep -i or grep -A : Wrapping a text string from files or output string
  12. ctrl +\ : Kill the current process.
  13. Ctrl + c: Send an INT interrupt to a process
  14. find : Searching a file in file system.
  15. whereis: Searching a file of command in directory which contains in PATH variable
  16. sed: Very complex command, using to filter a text string from file or output string
  17. cut -cn-m: Cut from nth column to mth column.
  18. cat: Using to mix some files to a file or to view the content of file
  19. file: Using to know the type of file
  20. kill: Using to kill the process
  21. top: Using to know which background processes are running
  22. bg: Forcing the process into background
  23. fg: Forcing a background process to a foreground process
  24. df: Using to know the statistic disk
  25. du: To know how much you used your disk
  26. which: Where a command is
  27. id: Show your information account: username, uid, guid, home directory, and the shell
  28. uname: Show information about your system which version is.
  29. alias del="rm -v"  Create an alias.
  30. date: Show date time information
  31. cal: Is a calculation.
  32. tr: Using to delete the a specified letter set, or translate from a letter set1 to a letter set2.

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