“@RestControllerAdvice Example SpringBoot
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Tutorial: “@RestControllerAdvice Example SpringBoot – Error Handling for REST with Spring”.

In the article, I introduce about @RestControllerAdvice annotation of SpringBoot to handle RestAPI exception with a Github running sourcecode and details explanation example steps.

Read more: https://loizenai.com/angular-10-spring-boot-jwt-authentication-example/


  • Technologies we use in the article: – Java 1.8 – Maven

Annotation Type @RestControllerAdvice

@RestControllerAdvice is a new feature of Spring Framework 4.3, an annotation with combined @ControllerAdvice + @ResponseBody. So @RestControllerAdvice can help us to handle Exception with RestfulApi by a cross-cutting concern solution: @ExceptionHandler.

public @interface RestControllerAdvice

@RestControllerAdvice is processed if an appropriate HandlerMapping-HandlerAdapter pair is configured such as the RequestMappingHandlerMapping-RequestMappingHandlerAdapter pair which are the default in the MVC Java config and the MVC namespace.

public class WebRestControllerAdvice {

  public ResponseMsg handleNotFoundException(CustomNotFoundException ex) {
    ResponseMsg responseMsg = new ResponseMsg(ex.getMessage());
    return responseMsg;

The handleNotFoundException method will handle all exceptions has type: CustomNotFoundException from any @RequestMapping like:

public Customer findCustomerByName(@PathVariable("name")String name){

  Customer cust = customerService.findCustomerByName(name);

  if(null == cust){
    throw new CustomNotFoundException("Not found customer with name is " + name);

  return cust;

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